2018 Winners

The International Gamers Awards committee is extremely proud to announce the winners of the 2018 IGA in the General Strategy category.


Rajas of the Ganges - Inka & Markus Brand - Huch!

In the multi-player category, the award goes to Rajas of the Ganges, the creation of the award winning husband and wife design team of Markus and Inka Brand and published by HUCH! Rajas of the Ganges is set in 16th century India when the great Mogul empire is emerging and conquering the region. Players represent powerful nobles who are gathering resources and wealth, building fabulous estates and expanding their influence throughout the territory. Players cleverly use their dice and hope for a healthy dose of karma in their attempt to become legendary rulers.


Codenames Duet - Vlaada Chvatil & Scot Eaton - Czech Games Edition

The award in the 2-player category goes to Codenames: Duet by designers Vlaada Chvatil and Scott Eaton and published by Czech Games Edition. The game converts the popular and award winning game Codenames into a cooperative two-player test of verbal acumen as players attempt to decipher the identity of a word based on clever one-word clues. Players cooperate to successfully uncover their agents, while trying to avoid the dreaded assassins.