Nicola Balkenhol

First boardgame: Monopoly. I was five. The older children in our house allowed me to watch. I absolutely wanted to be part of this. Schooldays: Skat (german trick-taking cardgame), Barricade (Malefiz). Years of study: Scotland Yard (only with sunglasses), Barbarossa und die Rätselmeister (and all the new stuff like Café International, Adel verpflichtet). 1990 first boardgame review in a local newspaper, followed by reviews for a small radio station and in spielbox. Since then I write frequently reviews in „the world’s most widely read board game magazine“. What I still like most: trick-tacking Card games (Tichu, The Crew), communication in games, playing with words, solving puzzles (Codenames, Just One, Pictures, The Mind, Exit).