2013 Ceremony

Jurymembers Ronald Hoekstra, Andrea Ligabue, Mik Svellov, Alan How, Knut Wolf, Stuart Dagger and Han Heidema (left to right), but Ferdinand de Cassan, Scott Alden and Frank Schulte-Kulkmann also were present.

As usual, Stuart Dagger was hosting the ceremony, and the awards in the Multiplayer-category was given to Terra Mystica by Jens Drögemüller and Helge Ostertag which had been published by Feuerland Spiele.

Alan How took over the hosting from Stuart, and in the two-player category he could hand the awards once again to a well-known IGA winner from former years. Uwe Rosenberg could claim this awards for Le Havre: The Inland Harbour which is published by Lookout Games.