Mauro Di Marco

Since 2011, Mauro is Editor in Chief of Infomazione Ludica a Scatola Aperta (,, an Italian web-magazine about boardgaming. He is an avid player (3 - 4 times a week) and reviewer (he wrote more than 150 reviews in the last five years). He is also a member of the "Goblin Magnifico" committee (, a hardcore gamers oriented prize founded in 2015.He was born in 1970. He received a PhD degree in System Engineering and is currently working as an Associate Professor of Circuit Theory. He and his wife Veronica have two sons, Daniele (2008) and Matteo (2010), both of whom are interested in boardgaming. Mauro is mainly interested in economic, network-building and stock manipulation games, yet he is always happy to try new and innovative game designs.