Simmy Peerutin

Member since 2016

Simmy Peerutin's passion for cardboard and other games was ignited by his father, who played many games of Monopoly and Totopoly with his two sons. However, it was only when he was 18 and bought a copy of Tactics II that the serious collection really started. Since then he has built a collection of over 650 games, probably the second largest in Africa.

He has attended Spiel at Essen every year for the past decade or so and has attended the Gathering of Friends once. He has written about games for Counter magazine and the South African Sunday Times, among others. Over the past few years he has helped develop two games by Pleasant Company Games, a fledgling South African game company. His prefers heavier games like 18xx, Kanban and Combat Commander, but has been known to play Munchkin with his kids.

Simmy Peerutin lives in Cape Town, South Africa, with his wife, three children and three dogs. He is an architect by profession and a Boardgamegeek by choice.