2009 Winners



In the Multi-Player category, the award goes to Le Havre, the creation of German designer Uwe Rosenberg and published by Lookout Games and Ystari Games. Set in the enchanting French port of Le Havre, the game challenges players to properly manage their harbor by securing goods, converting these into resources, purchasing buildings, and shipping goods to other ports for handsome profits. Le Havre is quite challenging, and the abundance of choices gives players wide latitude in pursuing their strategies. The game has earned the IGA in the General Strategy, Multi-Player category, and marks the second IGA for designer Rosenberg and Lookout Games, who captured the award last year with Agricola.



In the 2-Player category, the award goes to Day & Night, a strategic game set in a fantasy world where Lady Day and Lady Night duel for the right to remain in their celestial palace. Each player possesses a unique set of cards, and must play them wisely to gain the upper hand and thwart their opponent. Day & Night is a beautifully illustrated game with original artwork. The game is designed by Valentijn Eekels and released by Mystics. dl. This is the first IGA for both Eekels and Mystics. dl.

In order for a game to be eligible for the General Strategy category, a game must have been released from July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009.