Simon Weinberg

Simon is an enthusiastic British gamer living in the Netherlands and working at the European Space Agency as a part-time rocket scientist 

He says he started gaming when he was in his early teens, played a lot of Masterpiece, Flutter, The Business Game, Escape from Colditz, and eventually some of the more commercial games like Trivial Pursuit and Balderdash while at University. He got hooked on Magic: The Gathering for awhile and was then weaned off by friends onto games such as Tigris and Euphrates, Louis XIV, and Puerto Rico.

Simon started reviewing games for Counter Magazine in 2006, and now writes for Spielbox, Opinionated Gamers and Tabletop Spirit Magazine. He tries gallantly to keep-up with the unending flow of new games appearing every year.

Simon Weinberg became the President of the IGA in October 2022.