Suzan Vissering

When I was younger I remember fondly playing games with my grandma, but I've really started playing board games with friends roughly since 1999. We started visiting Spiel in Essen yearly from 2003 onward.

I've always been interested in tracking what I play, so in that period I made a little database with a website, so everybody could see who played what, and who won. After a while I didn't keep up with this, but when Eerko (my husband) and I started playing more and more games, I started logging them again and I wanted an easy way to do this, this culminated in co-authoring the statistics app Board Game Stats.

I mostly play board games with Eerko, so I view most game from a two-player perspective. Having said that, my favourite game is Tichu, which is played with four. If I look at our stats, I see we play an average of about 200 different games per year, and about 70 to 80 of those are new to us. Eerko and I love learning new games, but also really enjoy playing old favourites from our collection.