Stefanie Kethers

Stefanie grew up in Germany and has fond memories of playing board games with family and friends from a very young age. Her parents introduced her to traditional card games like Canasta, Romme, and Skat. In high school, she was the only girl joining her male classmates in playing Doppelkopf, another traditional German card game. At university, she became more interested in board games and started reading German games magazines such as Spielbox and Poeppel-Revue, as well as online games magazines and reviews. When one of her favourite sites, Luding ( was in danger of being discontinued, she took over hosting of the site and was one of two people maintaining Luding from 1998 until 2003.

Stefanie moved to Australia in 2001, after finishing her phD in Computer Science. She is on the Boardgames Australia committee and has been a board games teacher at PAX AUS for the last few years.