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The International Gamers Awards were founded in 1999 for the express purpose of recognizing outstanding games, their designers, and the companies which publish them. The awards have gained widespread acclaim and have helped bring these outstanding games to the public’s attention.

2021 IGA Awards

The International Gamers Awards for 2021 have just been determined. We are delighted to recommend all these games and of course we are especially pleased with the winners. The committee has been expanded this year and we have brought in more members from around the world who have extensive experience of board games.

In addition, we have a new award to present this year for solo play. This is designed to represent the way in which the boardgame community has moved, particularly over the last two years. Many games now include a solo mode as well as there being games specifically designed for solo play. We believe that this trend will continue with more games including solo options.

We congratulate all the winners and look forward to another exciting year of new board games to explore.

Alan How


International Gamers Awards

September 2021

2021 Multiplayer Award

Lost Ruins of Arnak designed by Elwin & Min Štach, published by Czech Games Edition

2021 Two Player Award

My City designed by Reiner Knizia, published by Kosmos Games

2021 Solo Award

Under Falling Skies designed by Tomáš Uhlir, published by Czech Games Edition