François Haffner

Member since 2016Since childhood, François Haffner played a lot of games with his brother, including Monopoly, Clue, Satarallye, Mille Bornes, and many others. He became a teacher in Grenoble for a few years. On this occasion, he discovered games such as Tangram, Pentominoes and connection games.At 25, he changed course and opened a board game shop. His first delving into "modern" games date from this period. He discovered Twixt, Acquire, Hare and Tortoise, Alaska, Diplomacy, Civilisation and others.

At 30, François moved to Lyon and became a computer specialist. He learned Go and quickly realized he would remain a poor player. He turned to Bridge, which occupied his leisure for many years. He is an official referee of the Bridge French Federation.

Around 40, he returned to his first love: playing board games. He continuously replayed the 20 games and ultimately decided to expand his collection. In 1998, a strange idea crossed his mind: create a website where he would review his fifty games. became a major website in French about boardgames.

Francois' collection continued to grow, and today has reached more than 7000 different games of all kinds.

Today, François works as a facilitator and adviser on board games, and is the author of Dalapapa and Maka Bana. In 2014 he and his wife Chantal opened a holiday accommodation for up to 15 people (L'Escale à jeux) in Burgundy (France), where he makes all of his games available day and night for vacationers who come to stay.