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John D. Burrt

John D. Burtt is the current editor of Paper Wars magazine. The 55-year old father of four (and one grandchild!) is a former U.S. Marine sergeant and a Vietnam veteran. He holds advanced degrees in nuclear engineering (his day job) and military history.

He's been active in board wargaming since accidentally finding Avalon Hill's Midway game back in the mid 1970's. Over the years, he's written game reviews for Campaign Magazine, Wargamer, Fire & Movement and Berg's Review of Games. He's also contributed military history articles for Strategy & Tactics, Command and the Wargamer. He's designed two games - 3W's Battle Cry (man to man scenarios in the Pacific) and S&T's Nicaragua (jointly with S&T's current editor Joe Miranda) He has been president and editor for the Avalon Hill Intercontinental Kriegspiel Society, edited Pacific Rim's magazine CounterAttack, and written chapters for Greenhill's Book's four alternate history books, Rising Sun Victorious, Third Reich Victorious, Cold War Hot, and Dixie Victorious. Prior to joining Paper Wars, he directed the Charles S. Roberts Awards each year and is currently the Awards chairman for the Strategic Gaming Society.