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Stuart Dagger

Stuart Dagger is recognized as one of the leading authors and reviewers of games within the gaming hobby. He began reviewing and writing about games in the late eighties, initially in Games International and then with Sumo. He is now the editor of Counter Magazine, one of the best periodicals devoted to the discussion and review of board games.

Stuart was born in the North West of England, where he also grew up. After studying mathematics at the Universities of Manchester and Warwick, he became a member of the mathematics department at the University of Aberdeen. He still lives in the city but is now retired.

The usual childhood boardgame diet was followed by chess in his teens, social bridge when he went to university, and tournament bridge after the move to Aberdeen. The revival of interest in boardgames came in the early seventies following the discoveries of the boardgame Diplomacy, the magazine Games & Puzzles and the British pbm scene.