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Ronald Hoekstra

Ronald Hoekstra maintains one of the most popular gaming sites on the net, the Spelmagazijn (which means Game Storehouse in English) ( He is an avid collector and player of games of all types, boasting a collection of over 1600 titles.

Ronald has been playing games since he was a small child, starting with cardgames with his parents and grandparents. Later, Risk and Diplomacy appeared. Eventually he was introduced to 1830 and other Avalon Hill games. He began collecting games and puzzles, with his interest in puzzles being attributed to the appearance of Rubik's Cube. All attention shifted to boardgaming again when he first attended Spiel in Essen. His interest (one could say 'obsession'!) in gaming led to his designing of the webpage Spelmagazijn, which is in Dutch. He is also a member of the jury of the Nederlandse Spellenprijs.

Born in Amsterdam in 1965, Ronald studied computer science at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.