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Mike Siggins

Mike Siggins´ name is one of the most recognized within the gaming hobby. For many years he edited and published Sumo magazine, which pioneered in-depth coverage of European games. He has also written for The Game Cabinet, Games International, Games Magazine, Interactive Fiction, Perfidious Albion and Strategy Plus. He served as a member of the editorial board of Games & Puzzles, and on the Daily Telegraph Game of the Year panel. He currently writes Gamer´s Notebook, for Battlegames and occasionally for Counter Magazine.

Mike has been playing all sorts of games for 35 years and writing about them for the last 25. He works at a large English university, and as a consultant in game design. He has several game designs to
his credit, and he is also developing boardgames for a major publisher, specialising in licensed properties.

His main gaming interests are innovative and thematic game systems, sports and historical subjects, and narrative atmosphere. His other interests include books, history, cinema, baseball, computer graphics, and cycling. Mike was born in 1961 and lives in The Fens, England.