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Mike Clifford

Mike Clifford is a renown author, having scribed innumerable articles on general boardgames, wargames and sports games for a variety of magazines. Mike was a regular contributor to Sumo throughout its run. When Sumo folded, he was the moving spirit behind the launch of Counter magazine.

His interest in boardgames goes back to early childhood and they became the hobby he never grew out of, with the area of interest gradually broadening as he discovered wargames, sportsgames and the British classics that Intellect Games produced in the early and mid seventies. By the late eighties he had become aware of the games being produced in Germany and around ten years ago his first trip to Essen turned him into a serious enthusiast.

Married with four children, he is a writer and businessman, who was born in London in 1948 and now lives with his family in Sussex, on the South Coast of England.