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Ferdinand de Cassan

Ferdinand de Cassan is well known and respected throughout Europe as an avid gamer and is Chairman of the "
Austrian Games Festival (Spielefest) in Vienna", which is the second largest public game-event in Europe with 62.000 visitors each year.

Ferdinand was born in Mistelbach, Austria in 1949. From childhood his leisure-time-activity has been logical/mathematical puzzles and/or games and boardgames. He began writing about games with an article in "Games & Puzzles" in September 1976 and the first issue of "WIN Spiele Magazine", of which he was a major contributor, was published in 1977. He was also a contributor of logical puzzles to a Business-Journal in the 1980's.

Ferdinand started the collection of games in the mid-70's and now has a collection that is approaching 14,000 games. He has many personal contacts to early European gamers and was involved in many European games events. He was a friend of many European gaming pioneers, including Walter Luc Haas.

In the mid 80's to early 90's, Ferdinand was the originator and organizer of the "Game Collectors Meetings" and the organizer of the "Intergame" at the huge "Spiel" convention in Essen, Germany. From the mid 90's, these games activities were concentrated in Austria.

Ferdinand earned a degree in Ecomoics from the University of Vienna and is the CEO of the family tree nursery "Grumer Rosen", which specializes in rose bushes. He is married to his wife Dagmar since 1982 and has 2 children, Philipp (1983) and Simone (1986).