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Erwin Broens

Member since 2016

Erwin was born in 1961. He finished law school at the Utrecht University in 1984 (business law, economics and European law). He has worked for the Dutch tax authorities since 1986. In 1979 he stumbled upon a section with American wargames in the academic bookstore. Erwin started playing these games, became a member of the national gaming club Ducosim, visited his first Spiel in 1989, and fell in love with German games. In the early ‘90s he joined the Ducosim board as their convention organizer, helping organize the first Spellenspektakel shows in Eindhoven (the Dutch ‘mini-Essen’). He also started reviewing games in the Ducosim games magazine. In December 1995 he launched a website on unplugged games in the Dutch language. The current version of this website is Erwin is a founding member of the Nederlandse Spellenprijs. After an absence of a couple of years he rejoined this games award in 2015.